• Handmade Wooden tub

    Experience the luxurious fusion of natural beauty, exceptional insulation, and unmatched durability with our handcrafted wooden ice baths, designed to elevate your cold therapy sessions to a whole new level of comfort and elegance.

  • Chilling/Heating Unit

    Upgrade your therapy experience with our versatile chiller/heating unit, featuring a built-in filter and adjustable temperature control from 32 to 104 degrees, for the perfect blend of convenience and customized comfort.

  • Indoor/Outdoor Usage

    Discover the ultimate flexibility with our wooden tub and chiller, thoughtfully designed for safe, seamless indoor and outdoor use, effortlessly catering to your therapy needs and preferences in a variety of settings.

Ice Bath Benefits

Increased Mental Clarity

Experience improved focus, mental clarity, and reduced stress, as the ice bath stimulates the release of endorphins, your body's natural "feel-good" chemicals.

Faster Recovery

Speed up your post-workout muscle recovery and reduce inflammation by immersing yourself in the soothing cold water.

Boosted Immune System

Strengthen your immune system and enhance your body's natural defense mechanisms against illness.

Enhanced Fat Loss

Kickstart your metabolism and promote fat loss by increasing your body's calorie-burning capabilities.

Improved Sleep Quality

Promote relaxation and deeper sleep by reducing muscle soreness and tension through cold water therapy.

Ice Baths